Monday, 31 May 2010

First Pro Evo 2011 Images and Details

 Today the Internet has been flooded with new information on Konomi's next football iteration Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.
As you can see the game has had a big overhaul in the graphics department including a nice motion blur effect. The games sounds, especially supporters chants have been improved to add greater immersion - expect more real to life chanting at better sound quality.

This picture below shows the new power bar that is situated directly below the football player in control that was leaked last month.
Playstation Move support is all but confirmed, take a look at this image below:
As you can see the image shows a interface for the PS3 version of the game that is very similar to the Nintendo Wii's version of the game. It has the drag and drop method of squad selecting which before now only the Wii version had.

I'm sure a lot more information will be revealed in the coming weeks about the game, E3's just two weeks away. However the Pro Evo franchise is going to have to do a lot more if it is to better EA's almost perfect football game.
UPDATE: Many more details of the game have emerged:
  • Defence "has changed massively". Using the dash button to close down and press the player with the ball has been replaced by a three-pronged system using the X button and directional input. For example if you hold X while directing the stick towards your goal to hold up play, a relatively passive option that makes it difficult for the attacker to pass you. The second option is simply to hold X and release the stick entirely. This stops your player and, if timed correctly, will halt the advance of the guy charging at you with the ball.
  •  The feints system has been overhauled. These tricks can still be performed manually using button/stick combinations; but there's the option now to automate and chain moves together into combos.
  •  A reworked animation system, with Konami claiming some 1000 new animations in PES 2011, equating to over 100 hours of motion capture.
  •  360 degree control
  •  Around 6000 players and "Yes" their are new licences
  • An option to change the game speed. You can change the speed at any point via the pause menu, from -2 to +2, with zero being the regular setting.
  • The promise of a major "surprise" to come.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is expected to release in October this year.

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