Saturday, 22 May 2010

Killzone 3 Leaked Images and Info!

Multiple planets, Space combat, Destructible environments, Arctic levels, New weapons - All you need to know on Killzone 3:

Killzone 2 released February last year already now has a successor to be released this year or next, Killzone 3.

The game was earlier confirmed by Sony this year but no details on the game or when we could expect to see it were given. However due to gaming magazine Gamepro and some inside sources we now have are first details and images of the highly anticipated sequel.

The game is going to have a heavy focus on 3D technology. Apparently the game will ship with two 3D glasses later this year. The 3D effects are said to be the best ever seen in a video game and even make the film Avatar look pale in comparison. 3D in this game is called a “Game Changer", it apparently provides an unparalleled 3-dimensional experience that no other game has seen.

The game uses the same engine as Killzone 2 but has been greatly updated with superior graphics. There will be many arctic levels were snow will land on guns and melt when they are fired in real time. The game will have many more varied locations than Killzone 2, with arctic levels playing a big role. The game will have a mixture of both linear and open levels.

It is rumoured that the game will take place on multiple planets, such as moons and even have space combat. Although majority of the game will take place on Helghan, this time showing Helghast culture and even a Helghast language. It will also show that the Helghast have some humanity in them.

The game will feature many new game play elements such as jetpacks which both you and your enemy will control. Jetpacks double as a weapon with a machine gun mounted on top of it. Jetpack missions will change the way the game is played as they resembles something you would do in a platform game such as Super Mario Bros. For example in one mission, you have to use the jetpack by “launching yourself from glacier to glacier”. To control the jetpack, you “have to activate bursts of speed in midair, propelling yourself across further distances.” The jetpacks are “surprisingly lightweight and agile, Killzone 3′s jetpack is easier to maneuver compared to the sluggish incarnations of the gadget found in other games.” Helghast with jetpacks will explode if shot “like roman candles”.

A new weapon called the Wasp will shoot a “flurry of rockets” at an enemy, similar to Unreal Tournament's rocket launchers secondary fire. A new hand to hand combat system will allow for a string of combos on enemies.

The entire environment will be fully destructible, unlike Killzone 2 which had destructible elements but not total destruction. This in turn opens up new ways of playing the game but will not change the core feel of the game which is going to feel like Killzone 2.

The game is going to feature intense action and be bigger in scale with everything being spread out more. The game will have a heavy focus on cinematics and will have an engaging plot full of twists and surprises.

Again with E3 around the corner, we can all expect many more details soon. Killzone 3 is set to release either in winter this year or early 2011.

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